1% Better across the board for the BIG win!

1% better across the board for the BIG win!

“…..when it comes to anything in life you are the sum of all the things you do good or do bad.”

If you are looking to get stronger, faster, bigger or more badass trying to add weight or reps or whatever is a good way but it’s not the only way.

Also, sometimes we hit what we perceive to be a plateau and we go up in weight or sprint as hard as we can and can’t seem to go beyond that. I say a perceived plateau because literally that’s what you are seeing in your mind. Or actually from your perspective.

But adding weight, reps or speed is not the only way or is it usually the best way and it certainly is the hardest way. Because haven’t you been trying really hard to begin with? Haven’t you been adding weight already. Haven’t you added more volume?

Now what I am about to propose to you may sound a bit off. But the devil is in the details and if you read through you will get a full picture of how amazing this really is.

How about do 1% better? Sound good? Or does that sound kinda lame? Well I guess you are right it does sound lame if you just leave it at that. But this is not the plan and this is going to get way better!

Let’s say you are struggling to do 100 reps with a 25 lb. mace. You are struggling to get to 75 reps and then you just fall apart. You have been working for weeks and you just can’t add more reps. You are stuck at a plateau and you don’t see any way of getting over and past it.

If you do 1% better this may help. But how? 1% better at what?

How about everything?

If you do everything you normally do 1% better then, this will add up to a larger percentage which in turn will make you better overall.

Still not sure what I’m talking about? I know, I get it. So, let’s delve in and look deeper at this idea.

Let’s say you are to train with your mace at 9am. What I am saying is that everything you do before 9 am is to be done 1% better.

So where to start? How about dinner the day before as a starting point.

For dinner you eat a very healthy and nutritious meal and drink water. Avoid booze and stay away from sugar and dessert. Already doing that you say?? Well great! So now do it 1% better. There is always room for improvement. You can add more veggies and eat less fat or use less salt. You can eat healthier and leaner protein. Take a multi vitamin etc.

Now before bed stay away from electronics. Don’t watch the news or engage in any activity that will get you aggravated or stressed.

Start your bedtime ritual 5 or 10 min earlier and get into bed earlier. Is your sleeping environment comfortable? Is it dark enough? Cool enough?

If it’s not, then improve it by 1%

Do you practice any relaxed breathing techniques as you lay in bed? If not then do so and you just increased your betterment by 1%

See where this is going? Also look at how much we have improved and we are still at the night before!

Moving on,

Try waking up 10 minutes earlier. Why not, you did go to bed 10 minutes earlier. Get out of bed and start your morning routine. Do you shower when you wake up? If you do then maybe consider a faster shower. Or a cold shower. If you normally don’t shower then try it out hot or cold and see how that makes you feel. 1% better.

Drink more water when you wake up. It’s a good idea to add sea salt to a tall glass of water and drink it before you eat or drink anything else. The water will hydrate you and the sea salt is good for before a sweaty workout. 1% better

Do you have coffee? How much? 2 or 3 cups? Maybe that’s too much. Instead have 1 cup and drink more water. 1% better

What’s your breakfast look like? Do you eat one? Do you eat enough? Too much? Do sit down relaxed and really enjoy it or do you rush through it? Do you eat Egg whites with spinach or eggs and toast. Fresh fruit or toast with jelly. Yes? No? How about plain oatmeal or Greek yogurt? How can you tune up this meal so you can do better?  A slight change will lead to an increase of 1% better.

Ok so breakfast is over and you need to start making your way to train with that mace. With that 10 min head start to your day you can get in there a little bit earlier and warm up better.  Maybe you don’t even really warm up! So now you have time to and I bet you a buck that a good warm up will definitely make you 1% better. If you already did a warm up did you really put your max effort in? Or was it just some cursory flapping around? Find a way to do 1% better

Now it’s time to get those swings in. You know you can hit 75 reps. You know you need to hit 100 reps. So, what if today you aim to do 76 reps. 1% better.

What I just covered adds up to about 10% better. Anybody would kill to have a 10% increase in their performance!

Yes, we are looking at the event isolated and saying I need to do that things 10% better. It’s hard to think that a 1% increase in other activities will make a difference. But when it comes to anything in life you are the sum of all the things you do good or do bad. All of the events I laid out here are the 15 hours leading up to that main event. Starting at dinner time right up to when you launch your 25 lb mace all of those things have some effect.

Think about it like this.

What if you ate pizza for dinner and drank soda?

Watched the news and learned about all the crime and bad stuff going on and got all wound up and full of anxiety.

Talked on your phone to someone who is a pessimistic person.

Ate a chocolate bar and passed out on the couch at 1130 with the tv blaring in your face.

Wake up at 2 am and scratch your ass and shut off the tv and go up to bed.

Lay down and just as you start falling back to sleep you feel thirsty.

Pass out but have restless sleep

Wake up dehydrated and groggy

Drink 2 cups of coffee and eat 2 whole eggs and a piece of toast with jelly. Another cup of coffee.

Realize you need to train in 30 min

No shower and off to train with a small bottle of water……

Do I need to go on here?

I think you get the point.

1% better is easier than just about any other life changing activity! If you really have to grab that extra coffee but keep it at 2-1/2 cups instead of 3 cups you did better, give yourself a high 5!

It’s the pebble that makes that ripple that becomes a tidal wave.

To sum it all up …..

Better sleep

Better stress management

Better hydration

Better diet

Better supplementation

Better time management

And you can keep adding to this list and as it expands you will see remarkable changes happening to all facets of your life.

Thanks for reading and KEEP ON SWINGIN’ NATION !


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