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What Do You Get?

The Steel Mace Nation is creating a comprehensive list of exercises, workouts, and programs for you to build strength, endurance, and durability.


Follow-along with Fred Mohr and other Steel Mace Nation coaches as they take you through a variety of steel mace and other workouts. Each workout is full-length and includes instruction from professional steel mace trainers.


We’re developing several training and nutritional programs for you to download and enjoy. Each one features links to our exercise and nutrition tutorials online. Download, print, and take them to the gym to train.

Coaching by Fred

Have a question about steel mace training, programming, or diet? Steel Mace Nation founder Fred Mohr is one click away. Use a simple form and receive a reply to your question from Fred within 24 hours.

Exclusive Community Access

After you sign up you’ll be added to the Steel Mace Nation Inner Circle. This is an exclusive group of members and Steel Mace Nation trainers that are constantly posting new content that can only be accessed by Steel Mace Nation members.


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