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Ep. 58 Metabolic Conditioning with Dan Ramsay of Newbreed Fitness

Another fantastic, information packed episode for you! Influenced by the kettlebell New Breed Macebell is the 1st complete macebell strength and conditioning program and the number 1 resource for macebell training.

Newbreed has a pivotal part in mace history and has a story to tell. Dan talks about athleticism and how the mace can help athletes in any sport as well as explains what functional training is.

Along with his wife Iliana these metabolic conditioning coaches figured out how to use the mace to deliver a sweat soaked workout. Dan also provides some insight into how the mace is great for physical therapy and how its the perfect fitness tool for firefighters, police officers , military and all first responders.

There is more information than can be listed and this episode is GOLD! Take a listen and subscribe

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